Sulam Alis di Jakarta

Not all women are born with thick eyebrows and perfect sulam alis jakarta Cara Delevingne. For those who want the perfect eyebrow shape without makeup every day, embroidered eyebrows (also known as microblading) might be the answer! Well, if you are still unsure of technical or safety microblading, see the explanation under.

As a tattoo process, one eyebrow skillfully embroidery uses a small knife to make a small slice of hair over the dermis layer while the full color pigment is inside. Don’t worry, your natural eyebrow hair isn’t shaved, too! Because microblading is not permanent, the new front will only last 1-3 years. To make your new eyebrows look more perfect, eyebrow embroidery experts will choose the color pigment that is best suited for your natural eyebrow tone. Results? Eyebrows look thicker, full and structured!

You don’t need to microblading thin eyebrows – even if you already have thick eyebrows, embroidered eyebrows can make them look sharp. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have skin diseases such as eczema, rosacea or keloids, microblading is not recommended for you, yes.
Are there procedures to be followed before microblading?

Microblading before, an expert will measure your eyebrows before determining the shape and size that suits your face shape. Then the experts will apply anesthetic cream before starting the embroidery procedure.

also advised them not to take vitamin E, ibuprofen and fish oil for several days before the procedure because the contents of this product can cause more fluids in the body and more bruised skin. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, Botox, tanning, waxing, and eyebrow extraction before the procedure.
What skin types can affect the results of microblading?

In fact, dry skin is more able to maintain than other types of skin pigments. If you have very oily skin types, it needs more retouching because the content of sebum in the skin pigment can encourage premature. Last but not least, make sure your skin is not allergic to ink. If you have oily or sensitive skin, microshading techniques can be an option for you.
Is microblading really not safe?

Compared to tattoos, microblading is a much safer process. To prevent infection, do some research and find a trusted eyebrow expert! Remember women, embroidery eyebrows will last for several years – so be sure to do some research. Avoid black pigments because microblading only sees natural chocolate.

Usually, the healing process will take 2 weeks. Don’t be afraid to rinse your eyebrows with special soap to avoid infections. Don’t worry if your eyebrows are reddish, swollen or itchy. It’s normal! During the first 2 weeks, avoid saunas, swimming pools, foundation products and facial treatments. All this can cause irritation and loss of pigment.